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Clear Braces Las Vegas NV

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Invisalign braces in Las Vegas NV

Clear braces Las Vegas NV
Clear braces Las Vegas NV

Invisalign braces are the revolutionary solution for straightening your teeth without the negative aspects so commonly associated with wearing traditional braces. At Kimodontics, we’re committed to always offering you the most advanced methods and treatments for all your orthodontic needs.

The first thing that you should know about Invisalign is its cosmetic benefit. Made out of transparent plastic, our clear braces in Las Vegas NV are not visible. So you can go about your business and not have to deal with any stares or nosy questions from people. Have complete confidence to smile and laugh in front of anyone. But that’s not all. The plastic construction keeps your mouth from experiencing soreness or irritation that can occur when metal digs into your gums and the surrounding soft tissue. And is if those two advantages weren’t enough to convince you about our clear braces in Las Vegas NV, you can also remove them to eat, brush, and floss. Traditional metal braces come with many restrictions. You are not permitted to eat chewy, sticky, or crunchy foods, because they can either get stuck in your braces or break them. There’s no such concern with Invisalign. Eat all of your favorites. And your oral hygiene will be more efficient without something to work around. Instead of just one set of braces, Invisalign will equip you with an average of 18 to 30 over the course of treatment. Each is worn for about two weeks, and then you discard it and put in the next one, with all of them performing their own specific role in moving your teeth into a more ideal and pleasing position.

If you’re excited about the possibilities with our clear braces in Las Vegas NV, why not contact our office right now and arrange a convenient time to come in for a consultation and examination, where you can have all your questions answered?

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