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Next to not needing to wear Las Vegas braces at all, the most common item on the wish list of our valued patients is to have their orthodontic care be as quick as possible. Perhaps you feel the same way, which is why we at Kimodontics want you to know about Acceledent Aura, a revolution in making the process of getting straighter teeth more rapid without losing any of the accuracy and precision that you expect.

Acceledent Aura is not braces, but a way to improve how your Las Vegas braces work. Let us explain. You only wear this accessory for about 20 minutes per day as a supplement to your existing braces. It’s comfortable, which is important, but better still it does the job it is supposed to. SoftPulse Technology speeds up how your braces work in repositioning your teeth. This is cutting edge. Acceledent Aura is perfectly calibrated so that it can decrease the time it takes to realign your teeth by as much as 50%. That’s not a typo. You could get straighter teeth in roughly half the time. It requires no great effort on your part, and will not interfere with your normal routine at all. It’s fully safe to use, and the force that it exerts is minimal. Acceledent Aura is patented and is a one-of-a-kind method for improving orthodontic treatment. It is the result of much testing and clinical trials right her in the United States. And if you’re thinking that it is new and unproven, let us assure you that it is approaching a decade since it was first introduced, with scores of satisfied patients that have benefited from it. You could be among them.

Let us help you to make your experience with our Las Vegas braces even better. Book an appointment with our office right now and find out if Acceledent Aura is right for you.

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