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Las Vegas Dental Braces

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Invisalign braces in Las Vegas

Las Vegas dental braces
Las Vegas dental braces

If you have a straighter and more appealing smile, you’ll feel more confident. Beyond the cosmetic benefit, your oral wellness will improve. Misaligned teeth tend to cause discomfort and jaw problems. In addition, your ability to floss effectively is improved thanks to our Las Vegas dental braces. And that means less chance of tooth decay and gum disease. Here at Kimodontics, we’re pleased to make Invisalign braces available. They represent the best way to get results without the drawbacks associated with traditional metal braces.

Old-fashioned braces do a great job of repositioning teeth, but even though the ones made today are more lightweight and stylish, you may not want the world to know that you’re wearing anything on your teeth. Furthermore, metal braces can sometimes cause mouth soreness or irritation. And you have to maintain restrictions on some foods during treatment. When you choose Invisalign as our Las Vegas dental braces, however, the first major plus that is obvious is they are virtually undetectable to the eye. Made of clear plastic, they are essentially invisible. Plastic is much more comfortable than metal. And because you take them out when you eat, you can enjoy all of our favorite foods. Take them out also when you brush and floss, thereby promoting a higher degree of oral wellness during your orthodontic care. Unlike with metal braces, you won’t have to come in for frequent adjustments, either. That’s because you will wear a different set of Invisalign every two weeks, with each serving a specific role in the overall process. All you need is one visit per six weeks for a checkup. Otherwise, you have total independence with our Las Vegas dental braces.

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