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Orthodontic emergencies in Spring Valley

It’s important, of course, to select an orthodontic practice who pays close attention to your needs when it comes to wearing braces. You want expert, gentle care and we certainly provide that here at Kimodontics. But it’s also vital that you are given the same high degree of attention after your braces have been fitted, and between checkups and adjustments. We are here for you when you have an orthodontic emergency.

What exactly is an orthodontic emergency? It could be that you are suffering mouth irritation. We take every measure possible to ensure that you have a comfortable experience with our Spring Valley braces, but friction can occur. You should come in for help, but in the meantime use over-the-counter pain relievers to quell the discomfort. Also, rinse with warm salt water and follow that up with antiseptic rinse, something that you should keep at home while undergoing orthodontic treatment. Follow the same process if you get cut by a sharp wire or broken bracket. Another handy item to have around is orthodontic wax. Use it to cover the sharp edges of broken or protruding wires, or brackets that come knocked off our Spring Valley braces. The wax acts as a buffer to keep you from sustaining harm, such as an injury to your tongue, cheek, gums, or lips. If you do not have orthodontic wax, the eraser from the end of a pencil makes a handy substitute. Make sure that you never cut a wire yourself. You could accidentally swallow the piece and create a much more dangerous emergency.

Even if you have taken care of the problem following our guidelines, it is still advisable to come in for a visit and have our Spring Valley braces professionally repaired. Just contact our office and we will have you seen right away.

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